Chairman’s Corner

As we celebrate our 75th year as your soil and water conservation district, we continue the work of protecting our crop land and water resources through the promotion of agricultural Best Management Practices. 


Further, we are now a full participant in the new Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP), which provides technical and financial assistance to urban areas in order to treat stormwater at its source and to conserve our local water supply. We have already conducted site assessments in two urban locations and worked with another locality on its VCAP application. 


Lord Fairfax will again host the 2017 District Envirothon Contest for high School students (we have added two new teams!), part of an expanding natural resources and education program which takes in the Lord Fairfax Community College’s Middletown campus through a partnership with the Mountain Vista Governor’s school.


At the District’s November Annual Awards Banquet, we honored ten of our conservation heroes for 2016, a dashing group, remarkable for their wide-ranging urban and agricultural composition:  an educator, a newspaper editor, a Winchester planning director, arborist, and civil engineer, two dam safety officials from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and, of course, four farmers, two of whom won the prestigious Clean Water Farm Award.


And it was wonderful that we were able to recognize our own conservation pillars: Associate Director and Conservation Hall of Famer Bud Nagelvoort and Director at Large Jim Fagan, chosen Outstanding Director of the Year.


Finally, a highly informative presentation at the December 8th LFSWCD Board meeting by Clarke County Director Wayne Webb focused on the Shenandoah River’s  nutrient contributions to the Chesapeake Bay’s pollution problems. Citing that most of the nutrient load moves during high discharge storm events, Wayne concluded that this underscored the need to keep the soil on the land by maintaining cover crops, practicing nutrient management and no till techniques. 


This is exactly what the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District does!


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