2020 Awards

This year we were unable to host the Annual Awards Luncheon where we recognize local community member and landowners for their commitment to conservation. The Department of Conservation and Recreations (DCR) continued with their Clean Water Farm Awards. Awards for superior work toward conservation in the LFSWCD were given to: 

Clarke County: Mercer Vu Farms
Frederick County: DeHaven Farms
Shenandoah County: D & M Farms

By submitting an application to the Clean Water Farm Awards, we are also nominating the farms for the prestigious Grand Basin Award, where DCR recognizes up to 10 winners representing their respective Virginia major river basin. Not only do these winners meet the criteria for the Clean Water Farm Awards, but go above and beyond in conservation management.

D & M Farm was  chosen as the Shenandoah Grand Basin Award Winner by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.