image Chairman’s Corner

hooverFirst, thanks to DCR and its noble efforts to absorb an anticipated five percent state budget reduction targeting the SWCDs.

At the September Board I described our certification program as “in flux.” The CDC responded with some excellent yet unofficial guidance which has now been confirmed by her October report: that the SWCDs are encouraged to maintain their NRCS certifications until DCR’s Conservation Planning and Certification Program can be officially launched. Whenever possible, NRCS certification work will be grandfathered into forthcoming DCR programs.

Committee chairs, don’t forget to provide ASAP the CDC with an email copy of your meeting minutes. I think she wants them sooner rather than later, long before they are published in your monthly reports to the Board.

And, don’t forget the Annual VASWCD Meeting at the Hotel Roanoke, December 4, 5 and 6. Room registration deadline is November 10th (call  540-985-5900 and not the OMNI number contained in the Association’s email of last week). Registration deadline for the meeting itself will be even sooner, as set by Amanda who will take our reservations.

Thanks to Jim Martin, chair of the Operations Committee, for working to help set up a Strategic Planning Committee (our new Strategic Plan is due in 2017) and to the Personnel Committee for its meticulous and ongoing efforts to select a replacement for Conservation Specialist Chester.

Finally, let’s recognize Bud Nagelvoort’s yeoman effort in marshaling legislators, jurisdictions, builders’ organizations, Farm Bureau and other farming and conservation organizations behind VHixit. The first symposium is scheduled for May 18, 2017 at James Madison University!

And we welcome back Alison Sloop, back from NRCS Conservation Boot Camp in Lincoln, Nebraska!



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