Outstanding Urban Conservation Award

Timothy A. Youmans, Planning Director, City of Winchester

This year’s Outstanding Urban Conservation Award is presented to Timothy A. Youmans, Planning Director, City of Winchester, for his contributions to conservation efforts in and around the City of Winchester.

Tim A. Youmans has worked with the City on environmental initiatives and projects since 1988. He authored zoning ordinance amendments that increased landscaping requirements for commercial and multifamily/townhouse developments, worked with developers to increase open space, especially near schools, authored the 1991 City Comprehensive Plan which included the statement, “Streambelts such as Town Run and Abrams Creek provide opportunities for bike paths or combined bike path/jogging trails,” which eventually led to the Green Circle Trail. Tim continues to lead the Green Circle Trail project (GCT) which when completed will provide safe facilities and accommodations for both bicyclists and pedestrians to access major destinations in the City. The GCT connects areas of historic, recreational, educational and natural interest. Where possible, the routes follow local streams emphasizing the restoration, protection and interpretation of natural resources and urban green spaces. He worked with VDOT and other partners to eliminate continuous concrete median and solid concrete shoulder/sidewalk areas, instead implementing a heavily landscaped median and robust street tree plan. He co-authored ISTEA Enhancement Grant application with the Frederick County planning director to propose a Civil War battlefield network to preserve 342 acres of farmland and wooded areas straddling the southwestern City/County line. He also worked with Morlyn Hills subdivision developer and Shenandoah University’s Dr. Woody Bousquet to preserve environmentally sensitive areas along W&W railroad as public open space. He crafted a zoning ordinance to establish multifamily density bonuses for developers who achieve LEED certification, and assisted Valley Conservation Council staff with publication of Better Models for Development in the Shenandoah Valley 2010.

It is my pleasure to present the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation Outstanding Urban Conservation Award to Timothy A Youmans, Planning Director, City of Winchester, for his commitment to our soil and water conservation.